​Deep Muscle Stretch

by Sachiko Takimura

"This is a path to reconnect to our body, and feel liberated again."



Deep Muscle Stretch is a stretch method focused on the deep muscle groups which I have acquired through my years-long experience as a modern dancer in New York City, also later on put into hands-on practice in Paris.



The session is carried out with a calming floor-based stretch drawing from contemporary Pilates, movement therapy, and modern dance. While having eyes closed and drawing attention to the breathing, we will slowly work with the deep muscle groups situating deeply around the scapulae, spine and pelvic joints, which are crucial to stabilization and sustainability of physical health. 

We will take these principles to releasing these muscles noticing how the sensations allow us to find clearer awareness toward our own body, as well as how it can help us to 'communicate with body ' in a real and physical way. Finally we will apply these bodily sensations and self-reflection to a short, soothing movement phrases.

Overall, we will dive deep into the body by introspecting our body which eventually enables us to liberate ourselves physically and psychologically, appreciating how necessary it is to feel both of them in an harmonious unity.

Sessions are currently held in Kyoto city, Japan, in a manner of calm Japanese language. It can be provided in English upon requests.



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